Straight Facts About DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements

Straight Facts About DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements

As an employer, you should already be aware that part of pre-screening a potential driver is ensuring they pass a drug and alcohol test prior to employment. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have regulations regarding when and how commercial drivers should be screened for drug and alcohol abuse – before employment, after an accident, and randomly throughout the year. Whether you have been following similar procedures for years or you are new to the DOT drug testing process, take a moment to review these straight facts about DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.

When is Pre-Employment DOT Drug Testing Required?

Any new employee that has not been part of another DOT drug testing program within the past 30 days needs to be screened through a pre-employment DOT drug test. In fact, there are very limited situations when it is okay to forego a pre-employment drug test, such as when transferring a driver between divisions within the same company, when another company purchases a company, and when an employee completes a name change.

Is DOT Drug Testing Always Required Following an Accident?

Do to insurance and liability issues; a commercial driver that is involved in accident is often required to undergo a DOT drug and alcohol test. Typically, a driver is required to take a DOT drug and alcohol test if they are involved in an accident that resulted in a human fatality or they are involved in a non-fatal accident (where someone requires medical treatment) that resulted in the driver receiving a citation according to local or State law for their role in the accident. They are also required to be tested if a vehicle needed towing away from the accident, and the driver received a citation.

Is Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Mandatory?

Every company that employees commercial drivers is required to setup their own random drug screening procedures and carry out random drug tests throughout the year. At Office Tenders, Inc. for employers with more than 8 qualified drivers, we setup your own randomized pool, while employers with a smaller group of drivers can have their employees added to a consortium in order to meet DOT random drug testing regulations.

How Can You Implement Your Own DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program?

Setting up a DOT drug and alcohol-testing program is easy, with the help of Office Tenders, Inc. We handle the entire process, combining all services into one all-inclusive package. This will include a company policy, supervisor training, collection sites, lab processing, medical review officers, and random drug and alcohol testing selection programs. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.

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