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DOT Drug Testing Consortium: Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs, Random Drug Testing, Policies & Training

A DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is required, by law, which make DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing services a must-have for any serious truck driver or trucking company. Office Tenders’ DOT Drug Testing Consortium is one of our many DOT compliance services designed to keep truck drivers in compliance, making audits worry free, hassle-free and most importantly, affordable.

Our DOT drug testing consortium rolls many DOT drug and alcohol testing services into one affordable package, including: Company Policies, DOT Drug and Alcohol Training, Local Collection Sites, Laboratory Processing, Medical Review Officer, DOT Random Drug Testing and more.

We provide trucking companies across the nation with many DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing services, including:

DOT Drug and Alcohol Training and Policies

  • Developing DOT-required company policies, providing a copy for you and for each truck driver.
  • Providing testing training materials for your CMV drivers so that each is aware of how DOT drug and alcohol testing works, and why.
  • Providing drug and alcohol supervisor training that meets the DOT specifications. (We provide a two-hour video DOT drug and alcohol training sessions for a $50 rental fee.)

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Pools & Test Arrangements

  • For small companies or owner-operators, we add your driver(s) to our DOT drug testing consortium for random selections, ensuring you meet DOT requirements.
  • If you employ 8+ drivers, we establish your own random selection pool. This helps you predict how many tests per year are needed, based on the 25% drug and 10% alcohol random testing parameters.
  • Arranging for a convenient clinic for drivers to complete drug and alcohol test collections and providing the required chain of custody forms.

All the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Details

  • Once per quarter, we perform a random selection draw of all active CMV drivers in each trucking company pool and our consortium pool.
  • We mail the selections to your designated contact, and you generally have 6 weeks to get the tests completed. It’s crucial that truck drivers are not aware of testing dates until the time comes. You control driver notifications to best fit your trucking company’s schedule.
  • If desired, we will make the drug and alcohol testing appointments for you.
  • You will be billed for the local test collection fee by your local clinic.  (Typically, this runs in the $20 – $30 ballpark.)
  • We obtain the results of the testing from Medtox Laboratories and bill you $34 for the laboratory processing and the Medical Review Officer review.

Office Tenders, Your Affordable DOT Random Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing Service Agent!

Safety-sensitive truckers are subject to unannounced random drug testing periodically throughout the year, which can occur when a driver is on-duty or immediately before or after a shift.

Our DOT random drug testing services use computer programs, written to meet government standards, to electronically generate random selections. Each time a selection is made, every employee is then eligible for selection in DOT any future random drug and alcohol tests.

The fee for our DOT Random Drug & Alcohol Testing service is a flat rate of $50 per driver, per year, with a negotiable administrative fee for larger trucking fleets. (New additions will also incur a one-time $6 initial charge for driver education materials).

Our Alcohol & Drug Testing Consortium is one of the many DOT compliance services offered by Office Tenders. It’s an inexpensive program designed to keep truck drivers and fleets on the road. If you’d like Office Tenders to ensure your trucking company is compliant with all DOT Drug Testing Policies, just fill out a Memo of Agreement today, then call a DOT compliance specialist at (800) 954-3414!

For more information about how Office Tenders’ DOT Random Drug Testing, DOT Drug and Alcohol Training or DOT Drug Testing Consortium can help your trucking business, contact us today!


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