How Can Medications Effect a DOT Physical Exam?

How Can Medications Effect a DOT Physical Exam?

If you employ commercial motor vehicle drivers, then you are probably aware that your drivers are required to complete a DOT physical exam every two years. What you may not know is that the medications that a driver takes could have an impact on the results of their physical exam.

Learn more about how medication issues can affect a DOT physical exam.

Six Questions that Every Driver Should Ask Themselves

Any driver that takes a prescription medication should ask themselves a series of questions. It is important that the driver understand how the medication affects their body and how it could impact their ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Before taking a DOT physical exam, a driver that takes any kind of medication should ask themselves:

  • What is this medication used for?
  • What are the dosages and how much should be taken?
  • How often does the medication need to be taken?
  • What are the effects of missing a dosage?
  • Are there any potential side effects of taking the medication?
  • Will any of these side effects or other factors impact your ability to drive?

The last question is potentially the most important – how can the medication affect the driver’s ability to drive? If the medication is known to cause drowsiness, impair judgement, impact reflexes, or in any way impair the ability to drive a vehicle, then the driver may no longer be able to pass a DOT physical exam.

Bring Prescriptions to the DOT Physical Exam

When a driver goes to take their DOT physical exam, they must disclose which medications they are taking – if they are taking any. Along with providing a name of the medication, drivers must include their dosage, the name of the doctor that prescribed the medication, and the reason for taking the medication. Failure to comply with this step could prevent a driver from passing their DOT physical exam.

Be Truthful About Medications and Prescriptions

Every driver needs to be truthful and honest about the medications that they take and the effects that the medications have on their ability to drive. Some drivers may be hesitant to disclose that they have started taking a medication, if they feel that they are still able to drive. The truth is, for the safety of everyone involved, drivers need to list all the medications that they take when taking a DOT physical exam.

Review DOT Physical Exams of Potential Drivers

The DOT physical exam is an important part of ensuring that a driver is qualified to seek employment as a commercial motor vehicle driver. Before hiring a driver, make sure that they have their DOT physical exam card. Check the expiration date and find out if the driver takes any prescription medication. Make sure the driver has recorded his physical with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Also make sure that the person administering the exam is on the DOT approved national registry.

If you discover that you need help keeping track of DOT physical exams, filing the necessary paperwork, or even scheduling physical exams, then seek assistance. The professionals at Office Tenders focus on DOT compliance at every level. Contact them today to streamline the process of scheduling physical exams, reminding your drivers about upcoming expiration dates, and ensuring that every driver working for you has an up-to-date DOT physical exam card.


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