Passing the CDL General Knowledge Test

Passing the CDL General Knowledge Exam

One of the DOT driver qualifications that a driver must meet before they can gain employment as a commercial driver is the passing of the CDL general knowledge test. Every state requires drivers to pass this generalized knowledge test before obtaining their commercial driver’s license. Learn more about this test and what it entails.

What is Covered in the CDL General Knowledge Test?

The test will cover a wide range of topics related to trucking. This will include understanding how to transport cargo safely, driver safety rules, and how to perform vehicle inspections. Commercial drivers will be required to inspect their cargo properly, use a DOT log book, understand the laws and procedures concerning transporting hazardous material, and may need further knowledge depending on the class of license they are obtaining.

Who is Qualified for a Commercial Driver’s License?

There is some DOT driver qualifications that a driver will be required to meet in order to obtain a CDL. This information will be covered in the first part of the CDL general knowledge test. First, the driver must already possess a valid driver’s license. The driver must also be at least 18 years of age to drive a commercial vehicle within their home state and 21 years of age to transport cargo from state to state. Other DOT restrictions include previous DUI’s in the past 5 years or having more than 2 accidents on their record. A criminal record can also disqualify a driver from getting a commercial driver’s license. Additionally, an applicant for a CDL will need to have 20/40 visions with or without prescriptions glasses, be able to pass DOT drug screening tests, and pass a DOT physical examination.

Passing the CDL general knowledge test does not immediately qualify a driver for a commercial driver’s license. After passing the general knowledge test, a driver must still take a CDL skills test in order to obtain their CDL permit. Due to the skills and knowledge required to get a CDL, many drivers choose to enter a driver-training program. These programs offer drivers everything they need to learn the rules and DOT guidelines that will be required for a commercial driver’s license. If you are considering getting your own CDL, then learn more about driver training programs or find out if your potential employer offers their own program.


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