What Type of Vehicles Require a Class C Commercial Driver’s License?

What Type of Vehicles Require a Class C Commercial Driver’s License?

For many people, when a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is brought up, they immediately think of truck drivers and other large vehicle transport. While a CDL is needed in order to operate vehicles over a specific size limit, they are also required when transporting more than a specified number of passengers.

Keep reading to learn more about which types of vehicles require a Commercial Driver’s License.

Definition of Passenger Vehicles Requiring a CDL

In order for a passenger vehicle to be considered a commercial motor vehicle, and therefore requires the driver to have a CDL, the general definition is as follows – any vehicle, that does not meet the weight requirements to be considered a Class A or Class B vehicle, that is intended to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver.

The definition mentioned is commonly used to include busses, most limousines, shuttle vans, and other large passenger vehicles that will be transporting at least 16 people. In addition to the passenger requirements, a class C CDL is required for any vehicle that is going to be transporting hazardous materials, even if it weighs less than 26,000 pounds.

Requirements Can Vary from Location to Location

While the weight and the number of passengers is commonly used to determine whether a vehicle requires a CDL and which class of license is needed, the requirements can vary from location to location.

For example, in California, a CDL is required when transporting at least 10 passengers, even though the standard definition requires at least 16 passengers. Even within a state, local jurisdictions may require a special endorsement or a class C CDL for driving various passenger vehicles or vehicles that do not meet the standard weight requirements for a CDL, regardless of whether it is required by the state.

Generally speaking, if a local county or city does not have a special requirement, then the laws of the state are followed.

In the end, if you are thinking about seeking a job as a driver for a company, the company that is hiring should advise you as to whether a CDL or any other license is going to be needed. For those that need to determine if their business will require drivers with a CDL, contact your local DMV office.

If you need any further advice as to whether a specific vehicle qualifies as a commercial motor vehicle, contact us at Office Tenders today.

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