The Importance of Ensuring Driver Application Data is Complete


At Office Tenders, Inc, we regularly receive Driver Data Sheets when setting up a new driver for a company. When submitting this form, it is important to ensure that the driver has completed and correctly filled out all sections. This will help you, as a company, to avoid delays in hiring, prevent the hiring of unqualified drivers, and make sure that you are getting the best drivers for the job. As you look over a Driver Data Sheet, here are some of the sections and information that you should pay extra attention to:


  • The disclosure of accidents and violations
  • Date of Hire
  • Previous employment history
  • DOT physical dates


Disclosure of Accidents and Violations


Making sure that a driver reports previous accidents and violations is part of Federal regulations. Any accidents or violations that have occurred in the past three years are required to be reported and need to be included in the Driver Data Collection Sheets.


Date of Hire


The Date of Hire is piece often missing from Driver Data Collection Sheets. The hire date is used when calculating the past three years of previous employer inquiries, which is brings us to the next section:


Previous Employment History


Having an accurate record of a driver’s previous employment history is a crucial step in making sure that you are hiring a qualified driver. At Office Tenders, Inc, we use the Date of Hire to determine which previous employers are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to receive Requests for Information. If this information is missing, there will be delays in processing.

DOT Physical Dates Missing


Regular physicals are an important part of DOT regulations. We use these dates when sending out a reminder that another physical is due and therefore require the date of their last physical and the expiration date of that physical.


By carefully reviewing each Driver Data Sheet, you can help prevent future problems, as your company is responsible for ensuring the information is correct. Contact us today for additional information and guidelines when submitting a Driver Data Sheet as part of our DOT compliance services.


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