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CDL Driver Log Book Auditing

Office Tenders specializes in helping people in the trucking industry with state and Federal DOT paperwork for commercially licensed drivers and CMV fleets.

Why Audit Driver Log Books?

Don’t be caught by surprise with a driver log book DOT compliance violation! Auditing driver log books each month can alert you to violations or reporting errors, allowing you to correct the problem for the future. Failure to keep complete records, violating Hours-of-Service regulations, or falsifying log books can result in thousands of dollars in fines, being placed out-of-service, and even potential jail time! But do you have the time to add up on and off duty hours and inspect each log?

Quick & Affordable Driver Log Book Auditing

We provide fast and affordable auditing, with logs and reports typically sent back to you the following day. Office Tenders’ DOT compliance paperwork services do not fix the logs as submitted, but our log book auditing is a useful tool to ensure driver compliance and log improvements. For only $12 per driver per month, can you afford not to have your driver log books audited by Office Tenders?

  • Just send us your driver log books (typically once a month, or more frequently if you prefer!) by priority mail or UPS.
  • We make sure each driver log is present and correctly filled out, with the drivers signature.
  • We check the logs for unnecessary things the drivers are recording—which hopefully will save them some time and writer’s cramp!
  • We go through each log, entering the hours and mileage data into a spreadsheet (Sample of Driver Log Spreadsheet).
  • We look for Hours-of-Service violations, entry errors on change-of-duty status locations, and average speed calculations. We analyze the average speed calculations against the state speed limits – this can be a good reality check!
  • If you provide fuel receipts and toll receipts, we will check these against the logs to make sure they agree.
  • We then prepare reports for you to share with your drivers (Sample of Driver Log Audit).

Keeping CMV Driver on the Road!

Office Tenders’ DOT paperwork compliance services save you time and keep your drivers on the road! Have questions about driver log book auditing or any of our other paperwork services? Feel free to give us a call at 906-482-3172!

Get Started Today With Office Tenders’ Driver Log Book Auditing Services!

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